Visionaire Design has released its third iPhone application: Run From
Hell. Run From Hell was designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod
touch, taking advantage of the touch-screen, sound capabilities, and
high-resolution graphics.

In the innovative game, there is a little demon trapped in the bowels
of Hell. You have to get him to Paradise by jumping on the falling
rocks without getting squashed between them, dodging the devils
shooting fiery pitchforks, and not fall into the fire of hell that
rises higher and higher.

There are five levels, with Paradise being at the end of the fifth
level; A surprise waits in Paradise if you’re good enough to make it
there. The game keeps track of high scorers, so you can try to beat
the top score.

The game has a special introductory price of US$0.99. It’s available
at the Apple App Store.