Digipower (http://www.digipowersolutions.com), makers of mobile power
solutions for electronic devices, has announced the Jumpstart family
of universal chargers led by its flagship product, the $49.99
Jumpstart Sport. The devices provide portable power in a slim design.

The Jumpstart Sport sports a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
that comes with cable and connectors for a series of popular cell
phones, for smartphones including the iPhone or Blackberry, handheld
game devices and even portable GPS devices. It can be recharged using
a supplied AC wall charger or a USB cable.

The Jumpstart Sport has a battery gauge on the device that shows
instantly how much power is remaining. A fully charged Jumpstart
Sport holds its charge for up to one year, and can charge a device in
only 40 minutes, according to Maurice Mizrahi, president of Mizco,
parent company of Digipower. The entry level Jumpstart emergency
charger (US$14.99) provides instant power for cell phones, adding a
couple of battery bars for calls. The Jumpstart and phone can be
charged simultaneously using the cellphone’s car or wall charger.

“Jumpstart is redefining the way consumers view power chargers,”
says. “The day of bulky and bland universal chargers is over.
Consumers can now choose from a wide range of stylish designs that
will make people take notice. Power is now cool, and it’s long

The Jumpstart products will be available in June from select retailers.