Adobe says the 2009 Layer Tennis design tournament will kick off on
Friday, Feb. 6, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Produced by Coudal Partners
and presented by Adobe Creative Suite 4, Layer Tennis is a series of
live online design events where creative professionals swap files
back and forth in real time while a third party offers play-by-play

This season, the 43 live matches can be viewed at
and will run every Friday until May 29. Each match consists of 10
volleys, each lasting 15 minutes. Spectators have the opportunity to
watch and post commentary, and are encouraged to vote for a winner
after each match on the Layer Tennis Web site.

Every volley can be bookmarked and live updates for all matches will
be available as RSS and Twitter feeds. Spectators will be able to
download files from each match, mash them up and post links to their
creations. Also, a custom PDF Portfolio will be made available
at and
profiling artists who created work for the Adobe “Shortcut to
Brilliant” campaign. The PDF portfolios will showcase the artists’
creations, their creative process, and the new timesaving features in
Creative Suite 4.