Audiofile Engineering, an audio software developer for the Mac, has
released FiRE Audio Recorder
(, a professional
field recorder built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s
available at the Apple App Store for US$5.99.

Audio pros can now use this mobile platform for serious field
recording with an accurate real-time waveform display, audio markers,
support for professional Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant
downloading of audio files in multiple formats, says Matthew Foust of
Audiofile Engineering. FiRe supports stereo recording with external
microphones such as the Blue Mikey and Alesis ProTrack.

If the internal mic is used for mono recordings, the screen rotates
180 degrees allowing users to best position the device for optimum
directional pick-up. Users can scroll the live waveform display with
the touch of a finger or navigate it with a system of configurable

Foust says that FiRe includes professional and accurate VU meters for
input and output signals, a moveable playback head, configurable time
units, the ability to tag recordings with locations data, and an
overdub mode for layering tracks. FiRe is also the first recorder of
any kind to offer native SoundCloud integration, making it simple to
upload recordings directly to the web and share them with the tap of
a button, adds Faust