The Tolis Group has released BRU Producer’s Edition (PE) for Mac OS X
(, a solution specifically designed
to protect creative assets. The company says that music, film and
graphic arts industry engineers, artists and users now have a
“reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution to protect key creative
digital assets regardless of their level of computer knowledge.”

The app was specifically designed to create session archives. You can
drag and drop volumes, folders, or session files from major
applications for backup operations into Producer’s Edition. You can
create two tape copies of the same data simultaneously via the
Doubler Archival Mode, eliminating the need to perform two discrete
backup operations for local and archival or deliverable asset copies.

BRU PE offers tape library support for up to two drives and 24 slots.
Engineers/operators can choose to create a single archive element
containing all assigned components on one set of backup tapes,
multiple archives containing one or multiple components on a single
set of backup tapes, or multiple tapes with one or multiple
components per tape.

A single PE license is priced at US$499, and the extended technical
support option is priced at $199. The availability of value license
packs are available in quantities of 5, 10, and 25 licenses.