is a “visual
novel” game developed by Ewan Grantham. It costs US$14.99; a demo is
available for download.

Here’s how the game is described: “You are just starting your first
year at the university where your brother recently graduated. It’s
your first exposure to college life, your first time living on your
own, and possibly your first true romance. As you explore this world,
you can meet:

“Jules — A waitress at the cafe that’s a year older than you, and
works there only part time as she goes to your school the rest of the
time. She dreams of a life of travel, but can she be part of your

“Jessica — Jules’ twin sister. She works with Jules at the cafe, but
has different dreams than her sister for her future. Play the game,
and find out why!

“Sarah — Her family has just moved to Alta so she can go to the
university. She works at a convenience store, has a full load at
school, but for you she may be willing to fit some time in for a date.

“Teri — A very straightforward young woman who is a long time
swimmer. She’s also honest enough to make you wonder how she gets
along with anyone, besides you.”

The demo version of the game introduces you to all of these
characters, while the full version allows you to make choices to pick
a future with one or more of them. Multiple paths mean that you can
explore a number of good (and bad) endings. College Romance can be
played on Macs, PCs and Linux systems.