RGB Light and Kandalu Software have announced their collaboration for
the launch of Klite (http://www.kandalu.net/uk/klounge/klite/), a new
video and photo player for Mac users. The companies say that it
implements a new h technology that will enable you to optimize space
without loosing out on performance.

The player will allow you to convert any video file to the new codec
JPDMovie (JPDM), purportedly enhancing your picture definition and
saving up to 30 percent on memory space compared to the H264 standard.

Photo formats supported are: CPD vs. lossless PNG format (30 percent
reduction in size); GPD vs. Lossless JIFF format (15 percent
reduction in size with better color definition); and JPD vs. Lossy
JPEG format (25 percent reduction in size with the same PSNR). The
video format supported is JPDM vs. Lossy video format (30 percent
reduction in size with improved image quality.

Klite will be released on April 15. A public beta is available for
download. An upcoming professional version will also implement audio,
including many “smart applications” for the iPhone and iPod touch, as
well as web applications. It will also feature plug-ins for such
Apple and Adobe products as Final Cut and Photoshop.