Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Internet Design Zone has announced Dress Up Contest For Girls 1.0 for the iPhone and iPad. The dress-up app is designed for girls ages 4-12 years, In the game, gals have to play 26 levels and create different looks to win the contest with their sense of fashion and style.

3909 has released Intro Thing 1.0, for iOS. The US$0.99 app combines filmed motion, freeze-frames, and music to create character introduction videos.

Take Flight Software has introduced Photo Shoot List 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 is designed to help photographers organize their lists of planned shots for upcoming events, travels, and client shoots. Shots are listed with a description and a sample photo of the shot planned. Pre-done templates are available for in-app purchase and include travel destinations and common events such as weddings.

DevStorm Apps has introduced Pop Farm 1.0, a physics based match-three game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In the $0.99 app, you tap groups of the same animal type to get points. The more animals in the group, the more points received. Earning enough points unlocks new levels and new animals.

Parudi has unveiled Bugzaliens — First Invasion 1.0 for iOS. Set in the year 2025, Bugzaliens a nomad race of alien warriors are heading towards the planet. Using advanced genetics technology, Bugzaliens mixed their DNA with DNA from Earth’s insects in order to create the perfect disguise. In the free game, players must stop the Bugzaliens invasion while avoiding harm to friendly insects.

Wales Interactive has debuted the Kitten Calcultor for iOS. The app — free for a limited time — provides an introduction to a calculator for kids to use for number recognition and the most basic concepts of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication.

Bitzio has premiered its first official fan-based animated Carlos Valderrama iOS app. The free app lets soccer fans play four soccer games alongside the Colombian football star, El Pibe.

Aboveground Systems has created Preschool Funtime! 1.0 for ages 2-5, The $0.99 collection of has nine different puzzle types designed to teach counting, shapes, colors, animals and sizes while having fun.

Android and iPhone fans have the chance to fight for their platform in the new Fruit vs Robot 1.0. This free game tallies the scores of users from both platforms, answering the question: who’s more talented — Fruit or Robot? Fruit vs. Robot allows immediate gratification as moves are completed within a specific time. Fans create their own unique avatars with hundreds of unlockable options. Team progress is tracked on the live in-game leaderboards.

Feelpress 1.0 is a new life logging app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Imonomi. The free tool lets users capture, share and track life’s emotions and impressions before they forget them. Users can post how they’re feeling at any moment by selecting from a list of 16 emotions. They can choose to keep their post private, share it with friends, allow it to be viewed by the general public, or send it to their network via Twitter or Facebook.