Nova media has unveiled the iCON 225
(, a 3G USB
modem for Macs. The iCON 225 supports HSDPA connections with up to
7.2 Mbit/second download speeds as well as quad-band EDGE and GPRS.

“The iCON 225 supports the fast HSDPA protocol in all 2100 MHz
networks, which are common in Europe and Asia,” says Jan Fuellemann
of nova media. “In most other countries, EDGE and GPRS are supported
which offer speeds up to 220 Kbit/second in downloading data and up
to 120 Kbit/second in uploading data.”

The iCON 225 includes the Internet connect wizard, launch2net, for
Mac OS X. This software offers a one-click connection to the Internet
without the need to enter configuration details.

The iCON 225 is available today from nova media for approximately
US$158. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher. A lanyard and an USB
extension cord comes with the modem.