TechPad Productions, a social media research and online publication
company, says its first game, iNetMania
(, is now ready for download for the
iPhone and iPod touch! It is available for a limited-time promotional
price of US$2.99 (regularly $4.99) from the Apple App Store:

iNetMania is based upon TechPad’s board game, ServerMania, which
features players competing to build a successful web hosting company
and finish with the most money at the end of the game. iNetMania uses
a similar format and rule set as the award-winning board game, but
instead of a web hosting company, your goal is to create a successful
web site.

In iNetMania, you compete with up to three other players (either in
hot-seat mode with human controlled opponents or an intelligent
computer-controlled AI) all the way from the start-up phase to the
finish line, with plenty of highs and lows (or “Spikes and “Slumps”)
along the way.