FEBRUARY 3, 2005

iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 7 Now Shipping for Mac OS X

New Application Server Enables Custom Web Publishing with FileMaker Pro 7

Receives Macworld Expo “Best Of Show” Award from O’Reilly Network

Palo Alto, CA — February 3, 2005 — MACWEB.COM announced today the
immediate availability of iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 7. iApp
Server 1.0 for FileMaker is a brand new application server middleware
tool and installs as an Apache 1.3 module on Mac OS X. A plug-in version
for 4D WebSTAR V is coming soon.

iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker enables custom web publishing with
FileMaker Pro 7 client. Use it to quickly and easily build dynamic,
database-driven web sites. By using innovative technology like Server-
Side Rendering(TM) (SSR) and Saved Actions, iApp Server successfully
migrates the ease-of-use database developers know and love about
FileMaker Pro to web development. iApp Server’s feature list mirrors
that of the new FileMaker Pro 7 with support for relational and portal
fields; browsing, sorting, creating and editing database records; even
running ScriptMaker scripts via any custom web browser interface.

iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker supports easy-to-use HTML template files as
a native file format. Most template files are Internet standard HTML
documents devoid of confusing, incompatible, and proprietary markup. For
this reason a webmaster need not learn yet another markup language, and
template documents are compatible with web page editors and client
browsers. Database [field] and [variable] entities may be used throughout
a template document to insert dynamic data where desired.

Server-Side Rendering(TM) (SSR) is the dynamic, server-side rewrite of HTML
form elements given backend database or variable data. This includes:

– Automatic selection of select menu options.
– Automatic selection of checkbox and radio button input fields.
– Automatic population of input fields of type “text”.

Saved Actions make it very easy to build and maintain dynamic, database-
driven web sites with FileMaker Pro 7. Referenced by name, Saved Actions
are pre-defined data source calls that query or modify a target database

iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker with support for 5 concurrent users is
priced at $495 and distributed as an electronic software download only.
To download a free trial version please visit

Mac webmasters interested in iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker discussions
and support should subscribe to the iApp Server Talk List forum at