LightWork Design has released TurboCAD Pro v16
(, from IMSI/Design. It incorporates new
updated LightWorks functionality.

The new product release was announced earlier this week and rendering
enhancements within the release include LightWorks global
illumination, final gather and ambient occlusion – which facilitates
a simpler and faster creation of more accurate and realistic
renderings – as well as the addition of numerous new material
shaders. David Forrester, Managing Director at LightWork Design
commented, “We are pleased to see the addition of the latest
LightWorks technology within TurboCAD Pro and to see the real
advances that this makes to the product. We look forward to seeing
more TurboCAD entries within our LightWorks image competition in the
months to come as users take advantage of these improvements.”

Bob Mayer, Chief Operating Officer at IMSI/Design added, “LightWork
Design’s development and support staff were instrumental in providing
advice and assistance throughout this release. It was easy to update
our software libraries to the latest LightWorks v7.9 version. This
allowed us to focus more time and effort on improving our user
interface, adding a style manager with preset lighting conditions,
incorporating context sensitive help, and more. Customers love the
new depth of field, lens flare, and other post-processing
capabilities; the advanced shaders such as Glossy, Blurred Mirror,
and Blurred Glass: they dramatically reduce the time and difficulty
in setting up a quality render.”

LightWorks is now in its 20th year and has been integrated within
TurboCAD since rendering was first implemented a number of years ago.
Over this time, the product has developed to provide users with
greater photorealistic capabilities and users have produced some
outstanding work.