If the new iPod shuffle’s announcements consist of only “track 01”
and “unknown album”, SongGenie can quickly help determine the missing
track information by using acoustic fingerprints. iPhones and iPods
with screens will benefit from CoverScout’s album cover search by
displaying the correct cover in the Cover Flow view. equinux
(http://www.equinux.com) has updated CoverScout and SongGenie and has
integrated them more closely together giving users a greater ability
to improve their music libraries.

SongGenie 1.1 delivers for each identified song all available music
albums as a selection. It can now apply all the details of already
identified tracks in one go – automatically if desired. If the
artwork for a track is missing, SongGenie starts searching in
CoverScout with just one mouseclick.

If CoverScout cannot find a cover due to missing track information,
it can be found by SongGenie with a mouseclick. This way brushing up
one’s music collection will be a walk in the park. Typos that used to
make it impossible to find the right covers are now history.

Registered customers can upgrade to SongGenie 1.1 and CoverScout 3.1
for free. SongGenie is 24.95 Euro / $29.95 and CoverScout is 29.95
Euro / $39.95. They are available at local Apple Dealers, in most
Apple stores and in the equinux Online Store. Both SongGenie and
CoverScout are localized in English, French and German and make a
perfect gift for every music lover who owns a Mac, thanks to the high
quality design of the product boxes.