SoftRAID, LLC ( has released SoftRAID 3.6.8.
It’s a minor update to the RAID software and disk management

SotRAID 3.6.8 fixes several minor bugs, including working around a
Mac OS X issue which can cause volume to become unmountable. SoftRAID
3.6.8 also addresses an issue when converting volumes to AppleRAID
format. The release notes include a comprehensive list of fixes with

With this release, SoftRAID, LLC continues to deliver the best
software RAID solution for the Mac. “Starting late last year, we
discovered a bug in Mac OS X code which could cause volume headers to
become corrupted. While only a few of our users have been affected
by this bug, we felt it necessary prevent it from happening. We
believe this bug is attributable to a bug in the Leopard kernel on
Intel Macs and are currently working with Apple engineers to further
characterize and isolate it.”, said Tim Standing, Vice President of
Engineering. “While we wait for a fix from Apple, we decided to
release a version of SoftRAID which prevents users from being
affected by this bug. SoftRAID has always maintained two copies of
crucial on disk data structures which maintain the state of each
SoftRAID volume. With version 3.6.8, we are now much more aggressive
about validating the data in the primary data structure and if we
find any data corruption in it, we now use the backup copy of the
data. This change enables version 3.6.8 to protect our users from
being affected by the rare occurences of this bug.”

SoftRAID continues to be the most cost effective method and reliable
method of providing both real-time and off-site backup for busy
professionals, small businesses and server administrators. No other
backup solution combines blazing fast backups with the ability to
seamlessly recover from hardware failures without having to restore
from backup media. In addition, SoftRAID users don’t have to worry
about losing file attribute metadata or the data corruption issues
which plague other solutions like TimeMachine.