Chronos LC ( has
released iClipboard 2.0, an update of the
clipboard manager for Mac OS X. According to
Robert McCullough, vice president of development
at Chronos, it has 14 new features. They include:

° A clipboard menu in the menu bar for quick access to clippings;

° The ability to paste rich text clippings as plain text;

° A Rapid-Fire Clipboard that lets users quickly
copy a bunch of clippings then paste them

° Three options for controlling the clipping
shelf height: Auto-adjustable, fixed height,

° The ability to double-click clippings to paste them;

° Web clippings can now be edited;

° An Ignore Application list ensures clippings
from those applications aren’t recorded;

° There’s a new, special hot key to open/close the clipping shelf;

° You can now name clippings so clippings can be identified by name;

° Clippings can be pasted using the system-wide Services;

° You can lock slippings and projects to keep important clippings forever;

° iClipboard 2.0 supports selection of multiple
clippings that can be deleted or moved to a
different project;

° Multiple clippings or all clippings can now be pasted all at once;

° Owners of SOHO Notes can create notes from clippings.

iClipboard 2.0 is immediately available for
US$29.99. Registered iClipboard 1.x users can
upgrade to version 2.0 for $14.99. A 30-day demo
is available for download. iClipboard requires
Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later.