Other World Computing (http://www.macsales.com) has announced two
instant rebates on the purchase of an Axiotron Modbook, the world’s
only Mac-based tablet computer that lets users draw and write
directly on the screen, and Modservice, a service that converts an
existing Intel Core Duo based MacBook computer into a Modbook.

With the US$100 instant rebate applied, the Modbook 13.3-inch model
is priced at $2,139, and the Modservice $150 instant rebate reduces
the conversion service cost to $1,149.

OWC is the exclusive US-based distributor of the Axiotron Modbook, as
well as being an Axiotron Authorized System Manufacturer (AASM), and
fully certified to convert existing MacBooks into full-featured
Modbooks. The Axiotron Modbook solution, starting from $2139
(including instant rebate), is available equipped with up to a Core 2
Duo 2.4GHz processor, Intel X3100 or Nvidia 9400M video chipset, up
to 6GB of memory, up to 750GB of internal hard drive capacity, and a
8X Dual-Layer SuperDrive.

For those who already own an Apple MacBook “White” or “Black” Core
Duo or Core 2 Duo Model, for $1,149 (including instant rebate), OWC
provides Modservice, which converts the existing MacBook into a
full-fledged Modbook solution. Included in the Modservice price from
OWC is a protective shipping box for the MacBook and both pickup and
return delivery services via Federal Express.

In addition to the tablet conversion, OWC customers can further
choose to upgrade their solution with options of up to 6GB of memory
starting from $39, faster and higher capacity hard drives up to 500GB
from $65, and faster DVD and CD burning with an 8X Dual-Layer
SuperDrive. Data transfer options are also offered so customer data
can be backed-up and reloaded after the Modbook conversion is