ListServ Maestro 4.0, an update of the Mac OS X email marketing
solution powered by the ListServ email list communication software,
has been released by L-Soft ( It provides
visual email analytics, a key new tool for immediate and
within-the-message visualization of click-rate data.

With ListServe Maestro, ready-to-use message templates allow you to
create HTML newsletters without HTML coding; just click on the
placeholders to fill the predefined areas with your own text and
images or create your own message templates from scratch. A/B-Split
Testing allows you to send two or more different versions of a
newsletter to distinct but random splits of your recipients and
compare the results.

The automatic forward-to-a-friend functionality allows subscribers to
forward the newsletter to others. These forwards and any resulting
subscriptions can be tracked. Click rates can be shown as pins,
showing which links attracted the most attention visually. This
report type is similar to eye tracking reports used to study the
effectiveness of user interfaces and advertising media. Contact
L-Soft for pricing options.

With ListServ Maestro 4.0, organizations can send the same mailing to
a mixed group of recipients. The job will include personal tracking
data — providing identifiable information about an individual
subscriber’s interaction with a message, such as open-ups and
click-through events — for recipients who have given such permission
while generating unique or non-identifiable tracking data for other

Subscribers who have given personal tracking permission can receive
the benefit of highly customized information and offers based upon
their profiles, preferences and previous choices — for example,
recommended book titles or continuing education courses, according to
Outi Tuomaala, executive vice president, L-Soft.

In addition, the newest version of ListServ Maestro gives email
communicators a higher level of fine-tuning in targeting and data
definition. The software has the ability to dynamically tailor
subscribers’ choices to fit their needs, displaying only those
options that are available based on previous selections. For example,
if senders target different special offers to specific regions, they
can create fields that display the offers available in the region
where each individual subscriber lives.

Tuomaala says the data mining benefits in ListServ Maestro include
advanced action tracking, from which senders can gain deeper insight
into the impact of their email campaigns by learning the results of
subscriber actions that go beyond the links in the email messages to
track page visits and viral marketing activities occurring after the
message is viewed. Additional new features in version 4.0 include
quick and easy report creation and database integration, target
groups based on datasets, demographic reporting, system metrics and a
job journal console.

ListServe Maestro is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, Linux and
Solaris operating systems. You’ll have to contact L-Soft for pricing.