VMWare has released VMware Converter 4.0. You can
run this virtual machine on Macs as well. VMware
Converter enables you to convert Microsoft
Windows and Linux based physical machines and
third party image formats to VMware virtual

VMware Converter 4.0 includes:

° New physical to virtual machine conversion
support for Linux (RHEL, SUSE, and Ubuntu) as

° New physical to virtual machine conversion
support for Windows Server 2008 as source;

° Support for converting new third-party image
formats, including Parallels Desktop virtual
machines, newer versions of Symantec, Acronis,
and StorageCraft;

° Hot cloning improvements to clone any
incremental changes in the physical source system
during the P2V conversion process;

° Workflow automation enhancements to include
automatic source shutdown, destination start-up
as well as shutting down one or more services
at the source and starting up selected services
at the destination;

° Target disk selection and the ability to
specify how the volumes will be laid out in the
new destination virtual machine;

° Destination virtual machine configuration,
including CPU, memory, and disk controller type
VMware Converter is available as a free download
here: http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/