Datalogics (, a source for Adobe PDF
developer technologies, has announced the availability of version 9
of the Adobe Normalizer API (application programming interface),
Adobe’s developer toolkit for converting PostScript and EPS files to

This release of Normalizer 9 adds support for PDF/VT (ISO/WD
16612-2), the emerging standard for variable data printing (VDP)
solutions. Normalizer 9 can now create PDFs which contain reference
form Xobjects for commonly repeated elements on a page. Reference
form Xobjects are one of the key constructs upon which PDF/VT is
predicated. Efficient use of reference form Xobjects can optimize
print workflows such as those used in VDP solutions. And advanced RIP
technology, such as the Adobe PDF Print Engine, can natively consume
and efficiently render PDF/VT files at the RIP.

Adobe Normalizer 9 is available directly from Datalogics on the
following platforms: Mac OS X, AIX, Linux, Solaris (Intel), Solaris
(Sparc), Windows 32 bit, and Windows 64 bit.