XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com), a source for
extended technology, has released the Duplica XTension for
QuarkXPress 8. Badia Duplica allows users to sample and apply text
and item attributes using multiple clipboards.

Users choose the attributes they wish to copy, and then use the
eyedroppers to duplicate the same styling in other parts of the
document. More than 80 attributes are available to pick from for
characters, paragraphs, pictures, boxes, lines and pages. Duplica
also allows users to copy text without formatting, and transform and
step-and-repeat items using the built-in Clone tool.

New to Duplica 4.0 for QuarkXPress 8 is the ability to sample a
multiple range of character and paragraph attributes. Then, with a
single click of the mouse, users can apply the sequence of attributes
again to unformatted text. Now users can format tables, catalogues,
annual reports, technical books or any complex document.

Duplica 4.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. It works with
QuarkXPress 4 through 8 and costs approximately US$52.