A company called iPerform3D (http://www.iperform3d.com) is offering
what it calls an alternative to Apple’s “Learn to Play” feature in
GarageBand ’09, offering pro/celebrity music instruction. iPerform
3D’s solution is the 3D Guitar Learning System, which is Mac and
Windows compatible.

iPerform3D’s newly launched 3D Guitar Learning System uses
motion-capture and 3D animation technology. The company says this
marks the first time that sophisticated motion-capture technology —
previously limited to big-budget film and video game companies like
Sony and Electronic Arts — is available beyond rarified videogame
and entertainment circles via a patented application of the

Unlike DVDs or online video lessons, this system gives guitarists
complete control, allowing them to rotate and zoom the “virtual”
camera to any angle, even “behind” and “through” the instructor’s
guitar neck. iPerform3D technology also allows guitarists to slow
lessons down without changing pitch, or loop a riff or song section
as required until it’s mastered.

iPerform3D says its solutioin eschews A-list music celebrities like
Sting and Sarah McLachlan in place of guitar-playing veterans who
have undergone motion capture recording of their entire bodies
(fingers especially) to teach you various lessons. To learn, you get
control of a 3D video player that lets you change vantage points, as
well as slow down or speed up the lesson.”

Once you pay for lessons or songs, you, the player has access to go
back at his or her own pace, different than a instructor who charges
by the hour. A free, five-day trial membership is available.