RE:Vision Effects ( has expanded support of
its DE:Noise FxPlug plugin set for Final Cut Pro and Motion to
include Final Cut Express.

DE:Noise is a plugin set that removes excessive noise and artifacts
in one tool. It handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from
fine digital and electronic noise to blotchy spots (e.g. dirt on the
film). DE:Noise combines proprietary motion estimation (optical flow)
techniques with feature-sensitive, edge-preserving spatial filtering
methods to reduce the visual impact of various problems such as:
noisy video (that can happen with low-light capture), excessive film
grain, prefiltering noisy greenscreens before keying, CG renders
affected by ray-tracing sampling artifacts, dust captured during film
scan/transfer and printing, snow, drop-outs and many other defects.

DE:Noise is available as an FxPlug plugin for Final Cut Express 4.0.1
and up, Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 and up, Motion 3.0.1 and up. It costs