XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com) has released four
database publishing plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS4. They have
previously been available for InDesign CS through CS3 and as
XTensions for QuarkXPress — Xdata and Xcatalog — from version 3.0
and higher.

InData is a document building tool that brings the layout, design,
typographic and picture publishing power of InDesign to bear on all
data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. InData’s scripting language
can be used to build simple or complex rules for including or
excluding fields, pictures and static text.

InCatalog is a bi-directional linking tool for creating transparent
links between InDesign documents and databases. With these links in
place, users never have to enter or update their data in two places
(documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from
the most current version.

Xtags is an import and export text filter supporting the full Quark
XPress Tags language plus its own extended tags. With Xtags, users
can build any text content with full styling (the same as XPress
Tags), anchor and fill picture and text boxes, build and fill
unanchored boxes, size picture contents to containing boxes, size
boxes to content (text or picture) in various ways, translate text
and tags on input, use macros to reduce typing, apply master pages
and spreads, and more.