FileWave announces version 3.7 of its software management suite, FileWave

System Imaging made easier than ever with FileWave 3.7

San Francisco, CA, January 8, 2009 — FileWave, a technology leader for
software management on the Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems, announces
the release of FileWave 3.7 for Mac OS. In addition to distributing,
installing and configuring operating system upgrades, FileWave permits
users to efficiently mass deploy and manage all other types of software,
from large ready-to-use applications such as Adobe Creative Suite 4 and
Microsoft Office to vital security patches, both in a single- and a
multi-platform environment.

FileWave 3.7, with its own significant performance enhancements and greater
administrative flexibility, transforms the process of installing a
complicated and time-consuming upgrade into a straightforward and
hassle-free affair. FileWave 3.7 includes a new feature to re-image an
entire computer. FileWave had always been able to deliver and remove
software but now we’ve made it easier to duplicate an existing computer and
have other computers have exactly the same software installed. To use the
FileWave Imager the FileWave Administrator selects a mounted disk volume
and creates a new installation from the mounted disk volume. Additionally,
the Administrator can control pre and post-installation actions to preserve
computer names and user settings.

“We are pleased to announce FileWave 3.7 with the imaging feature for the
Mac OS,” says Ben Forsyth, Director of Software Development at FileWave
(USA), Inc. “We’ve had many requests from our customer base to provide a
more seamless imaging solution and with FileWave 3.7, those features are
now available.”

About FileWave

FileWave develops, markets and integrates the software management tools
FileWave and Asset Trustee. These products deploy, monitor, and manage
applications in enterprise network environments based on Microsoft Windows,
Linux and Apple Macintosh systems. Customers of FileWave include Nike,
Gruner + Jahr, LEGO, Publicis and Viacom. For additional information,
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