xTuple Applications Certified for Mac OS X “Leopard”

Open Source Accounting/ERP/CRM Solutions fully support latest Apple
operating system

NORFOLK, VA — November 27, 2007 — xTuple, the leader in open source
enterprise resource planning software, is pleased to announce that the
current shipping release of its xTuple Applications — the OpenMFG
Enterprise Resource Planning Suite and the PostBooks free and open source
edition — have been certified for use on Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard
operating system.

Leopard, version 10.5 of the popular OS, is the most successful operating
system release in Apple’s history — with over two million copies sold in
the first weekend alone. xTuple has actively supported the Mac platform —
for both the client and server — since the company’s inception. “We’re
seeing increased demand for Mac OS X across the board, from customers you
might not necessarily think of as Apple users,” said Ned Lilly, xTuple
president and CEO. “In addition to high-tech fields like electronics and
computers, and enthusiast communities such as precision bike parts, we’ve
got Mac users in industrial manufacturers ranging from pumps and valves to
hydraulics and pneumatics. And they’re all talking about Leopard.”

The xTuple Applications are advanced ERP software solutions built with open
source components, such as the PostgreSQL database, the Qt toolkit for C++,
and the OpenRPT report writer. The fully integrated packages include
Inventory Management, Product Definition and Costing, Work Order
Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, Shipping and Receiving,
Project Management, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable,
a full General Ledger, and Customer Relationship Management. Both packages
are fully multi-currency, multi-lingual, and support a range of
multi-layered taxation structures. The commercial OpenMFG product adds
Manufacturing Scheduling, Capacity Planning, and several other advanced

PostBooks is available under the OSI-approved Common Public Attribution
License (CPAL) free of charge. OpenMFG is available under xTuple’s
innovative hybrid license, whereby customers and partners have full access
to the application source code, and any enhancements made to the product
flow back to xTuple for review, quality testing, and possible incorporation
into the baseline product. Both PostBooks and OpenMFG run equally well on
Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and are fully internationalized with
multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual
translation packs maintained by the global open-source community. All this
and more, including public discussion forums, blogs, and the community
issue/bug tracker, can be found at (http://www.xtuple.org/).

About xTuple
xTuple (formerly OpenMFG) develops next-generation, enterprise-class
business process applications powered by open source software such as
Linux, PostgreSQL, and Qt. xTuple products, led by its OpenMFG, OpenRPT and
new PostBooks applications, give companies better control over operations,
increased productivity, and measurable growth across all areas of their
businesses–all at a lower cost of ownership. For more information, please
visit the company Web site at (http://www.xtuple.com/).