Opera Software is introducing the first look at Opera 10, the next
generation of its web browser. An alpha version of Opera 10 is now
available at http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

This release gives people a taste of Opera’s new rendering engine,
Opera Presto 2.2 — the foundation of all future Opera 10 products.
Opera Presto 2.2 offers approximately a 30 percent faster browsing
experience as compared to Opera Presto 2.1, introduced in Opera 9.5
in June, according to the folks at Opera Software.

Opera has fine-tuned its standards support and, as a result, Opera 10
alpha achieves an Acid3 100/100 Test score. This version also
provides Web developers with a whole range of new technologies for
building better Web sites.

Other new features in Opera 10 alpha include spell checking as you
type, as well as auto-updating to the latest versions as they become
available. Opera Mail also has added support for HTML formatting of