has released its fourth iPhone and iPod touch application:
inFact USA (, an interactive educational
fact game based on the US states.

Here’s how the game is descibed: “With inFact USA you can choose
between a leisurely learning mode and a fast paced scoring mode. In
the scoring mode you are rewarded with points for answering questions
in a short period of time that decreases as you progress through the
quizzes. Select the difficulty level (easier, harder, both) and
choose from 1-12 categories to customize each game to your liking.
Categories include state capitals, flags, shapes, famous persons,
geographical features, national parks, and much more. Each question
is generated dynamically from a database of over 1,000 facts. This
is an ideal educational game that can be shared by the entire family.”

inFact USA is available at the Apple App Store. Normally, it costs
US$2.99, but you can buy it at the introductory price of $0.99 until
Dec. 7.