DUY has released three new plug-ins for TDM and native Mac OS X-based
systems: DUY31|graphic, DUY31|analyzer & DUY|noiser.

DUY31|graphic is a 31-band linear-phase graphic EQ. DUY31|analyzer is
a detailed 31-band spectrum analyzer, and DUY31|noiser is a white and
pink noise generator. The 31-band linear-phase graphic EQ features
vcontrol over frequency, even allowing for a feedback scan when using
the software in live applications.

The fader controls in DUY31|graphic can even handle a dynamic range
of up to 48 dB (+/- 24dB above/below your 0 dB gain value).
DUY31|graphic can be used together with DUY31|noiser (included with
the product), which will let you callibrate your room or space,
ensuring that the audible sound in your space is as close as possible
to the audio being reproduced by your system from a frequency point
of view.

Also included in this suite of plug-ins is DUY31|analyzer, which
delivers a visual representation of the audio signal, frequencially.
This spectrum analyzer also contains some special surprises that
DUY has prepared for users. The installer includes the Audio
Units(AU), TDM, RTAS, VST & MAS versions for Mac OS X. For further
information, visit http://www.duystore.com/com/duy31.html

DUY31 is shipping now, priced at approximately US$349. A special
introductory offer is available throughout 2008, setting DUY31 at
approximately $299. DUY offers a special low price for current users
of DUY plug-ins.

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher is required. The software is authorized on
an iLok via ilok.com. The native versions may optionally be
authorized to disk using challenge/response.