Grubby Games ( has released My Tribe, an
island simulation game for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. A demo is
available for download; registration is US$19.95.

Here’s ow the game is described: “Shipwrecked on a beautiful tropical
island, your brave little tribespeople must build a new home. With
your guidance, the tribe will uncover mysterious secrets, research
new technologies, and construct massive wonders. Come back often to
feed your tribe, clothe them, and look after the babies and children!

“My Tribe allows you to design your own tropical civilization! Start
by selecting an island from over four billion possible candidates.
Then customize your tribespeople by designing new clothes for them,
plan the layout of your village using 14 different buildings, and
beautify the landscape by planting flowers and trees!

“And remember, your tribe is still alive even when your computer is
off, so come back often to ensure they are fed, clothed, and housed.
With your guidance, your tribe will make scientific breakthroughs,
unlock trophies, solve mysterious objects, and discover powerful
potions! A prosperous tribe may even be able to sail to new islands,
with more mysteries to solve and new challenges to face.”