Sellcell, a site for selling phones online, has released the 2022 Tech Value Report, which tracks the resale value of recently launched tech (including phones, tablets, wearables, and gaming consoles). Here are some highlights from the report:

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 range performs best when it comes to smartphone resale value, with an average depreciation of only 27.5% across all models. This equates to an average monthly depreciation of only 3.4%.
  • With an uncharacteristically high depreciation of 47.1% (an average of 23.6% over the two months since launch), Apple’s iPhone SE 2022 edition disappoints in terms of value retention.
  • Apple pretty much dominates the tablet space, with its best-performing iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen (2021) losing 42.3% since launch 12 months ago, a monthly average of 3.5%.
  • As with the iPhone SE 2022, the iPad Air 5th Gen (2022) shows disappointing value retention, losing 32.1% over the two months since launch, averaging just over 16.0% per month.
  • In the war of the wearables, Apple’s Watch Series 7 shows 58.2% depreciation over seven months (8.3% per month) since it launched. In nine months, Samsung’s Watch 4 depreciated by 76.0% (8.4% per month). So, an almost identical monthly performance for both.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today