Insider Software has announced the immediate availability of
FontAgent Pro Server 3, which incorporates what the company says is
the industry’s first and only replicated font server technology. In
addition, the new release adds advanced directory services
integration as well as security and performance enhancements that
significantly widen its technical lead over Extensis Universal Type
Server (UTS).

FontAgent Pro Server 3 is the first font server to enable
organizations to establish redundant, replicated font servers across
their enterprise so users can enjoy top performance as administrators
distribute server load. Administrators can make changes to a master
font server, which replicates the changes automatically and
transparently to all remote servers.

With the new release, FontAgent Pro Server’s zero-config directory
services implementation automatically sees users and groups in LDAP
and Active/Open Directory servers, eliminating the need to keep a
separate list of users and groups in the font server.

FontAgent Pro Server 3 enables administrators to assign privileges to
users and groups who are best suited to perform specific tasks. For
example, administrators can maintain ultimate server control, but
assign design managers the right to upload fonts, create and edit
sets, and edit font license information. In addition, admins can
grant privileges to users that apply only to their workgroup and not
the entire organization.

FontAgent Pro 3 allows Font Agent Pro users with proper privileges to
create sets of server-based fonts and upload them with a click, and
then edit the sets later as they require.

FontAgent Pro now encrypts all user and password information with AES
128-bit encryption and sends it to the font server, which can
authenticate users locally or through enterprise directory servers.

Built on an advanced, multi-threaded architecture that takes full
advantage of multi-core servers and eliminates I/O bottlenecks,
FontAgent Pro Server 3 can handle tens of thousands of fonts and
users unobtrusively and with unequaled speed. And its new smart
caching of recently downloaded fonts reduces CPU load and syncs
clients at rates 8 to 10 times faster than Extensis UTS. Early tests
also show font activation occurring twice as fast in FontAgent Pro
than Extensis UTS, and 10 to 20 times faster than Extensis UTS remote

FontAgent Pro Server requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or later, 30
megabytes of disk space and 256 megabytes of memory. FontAgent Pro
Server supports a range of Macintosh hardware, from dual G4 Macintosh
computers up to and including Apple’s Mac Pro multi-processors. It
does not require dedicated server hardware and permits administrators
to fine-tune performance to compensate for varying speeds on
enterprise networks.

FontAgent Pro Server is priced at US$1,695per server, and the master
replication server costs $2995 US. Each user connecting to the server
requires a licensed version of the FontAgent Pro connected client,
whose retail cost is $129.95 US per seat with volume pricing
available. For more information, users can visit To purchase FontAgent Pro products or
obtain additional information, call Insider Sales at 866-366-8778 or