Marketcircle Inc. brings important time- and cost-saving benefits
with today’s launch of Daylite MYOB AccountEdge Connector. A new
product announced with updated Daylite 3.8, the Connector allows
bookkeepers to easily move contact and company data back and forth
between the two applications without error-prone, time-consuming
re-keying of data. Front office and back office staff can save time
and costs by creating estimates in Daylite using AccountEdge’s
product list, and then, using Daylite’s powerful new business tools,
can work to win the new business and submit the estimate as an order
for the back office to fulfill.

“Over the years, many customers have requested that we integrate
Daylite with MYOB AccountEdge as a time- and cost-saving benefits –
which, incidentally, makes a lot of sense in this economy,” says
Marketcircle CEO, Alykhan Jetha. “Engineering teams from both
companies have worked diligently to make this happen, and I think our
customers will be very happy with the efficiencies that the new
Connector brings.”

Daylite MYOB AccountEdge Connector sells for US $99.99 per user and
works with MYOB’s AccountEdge 2009 for the U.S. market. Daylite 3.8
is a free upgrade for all Daylite 3.x users and is included in the
Daylite Productivity Suite that bundles Daylite with Marketcircle’s
Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI 2.1.2) for US $189.
International pricing applies.

A revised reminder system that allows multiple alarms to be recorded
on a task or appointment by different users. The new system improves
integration with iCal and reduces synchronization errors * New
“Inbox” and “someday” features for tasks allowing users to better
apply David Allen’s GTD task management methodology in a multi-user
environment. Task statuses and priorities have also been simplified
for better synchronization with iCal * A new global user preferences
interface that helps promote more consistency with data
classification in multi-user environments. Admins can now centrally
manage multiple users’ preferences in one place instead of having to
hop from machine to machine * Industry templates for the Recruiting
and Custom Software Development industries, boosting Daylite’s total
built-in business templates to eight * Plus over 20 other fixes

Try Daylite 3.8 free for 30 days and get more information about the
software at