Revolver (, a provider of 3D
content development solutions for the graphic design and game
development industries, has released its patent pending product,
FreeSpin3D. It’s a commercial solution for importing and real-time
rendering of 3D models into Adobe Flash

FreeSpin3D enables all Flash designers and developers to create real
time 3D content. With the software, designers and developers can add
dynamic 3D graphics to their 2D environment-based online games,
animations, advertisements,web design, entertainment and interactive

FreeSpin3D enables the display and management of 3D objects directly
within the Adobe Flash workspace, using the FreeSpin3D Action Script
interface. Once the developer imports 3D models into the software, it
manipulates and compiles them into a data structure suitable for 3D
object rendering in Flash. This overall process strengthens the
interaction between the user, the developer and the 3D object,
creating simple and powerful 3D in Flash, according to the folks at

The FreeSpin3D bundle is US$299 per license. It includes the
FreeSpin3D import engine, the FreeSpin3D development environment, and
one year of updates.