Incase ( has announced a new product set to
meet the growing power needs of iPhone 3G users: the Power Slider,
which purportedly more than doubles the battery life of iPhone 3G
while providing integrated sync and charge capabilities and complete
device protection. Pricing hasn’t been announced.

Power Slider features a low profile, serving as both a case and power
solution. A custom engineered lithium-ion polymer battery with
efficient circuitry was created for Power Slider to allow for a slim
design and maximum power output, says Erik Wahlstrom, president and
CEO of Incase. The optimized power management system provides
continuous charge to the internal battery of iPhone 3G. When in use,
power drains first from Power Slider so that the device’s internal
battery remains fully charged and is only depleted once the battery
of Power Slider has been drained.

An integrated sync mode allows Power Slider users to sync and charge
their devices while iPhone 3G is in Power Slider. A five-light LED
battery status indicator gauges battery life and also denotes sync
mode and charging. Included with every Power Slider is an USB 2.2
cable that allows for high capacity charging and data exchange for
charging and syncing. Additionally, Power Slider is compatible with
all USB charging ports that provide 5V at 1A output.