Andrei Doubrovski, an author of video-books on Adobe Photoshop and
Photoshop Elements, has released Elements+
(, an add-on for Adobe
Photoshop Elements that unlocks up to 144 undocumented functions. The
kit includes smart filters, vector masks, and many more advanced
tools normally hidden under the hood, Doubrovski says.

Elements+ is a patch revealing the hidden functions in the Adobe
software. The undocumented commands appear as additional categories
in the Effects palette. Elements+ unlocks many advanced functions
featured in the latest versions of full Photoshop, Doubrovski says.
To apply unlocked command, you merely choose appropriate category and
double-click the effect thumbnail.

Distribution kits are available for all versions of Photoshop
Elements. They require Mac OS X and Photoshop Elements versions 2-6.
Elements+ is US$10-12 to download.