GigaTribe (, a free Web 2.0 file sharing
software community. has launched in the U.S. market. A free software
community, GigaTribe lets you share entire file folders of photos,
videos, music, and other files with your “tribe” of friends, family,
and coworkers in a private, completely encrypted peer to peer (P2P)

GigaTribe will be introduced in the U.S. for the first time at the
Euro Tech Showcase, held Nov. 18-19, 2008 in Redwood City,
California. It’s free, with the option of a GigaTribe “Ultimate”
upgrade with more advanced features (such as faster downloads),
priced at US$29.95/year. In addition, GigaTribe doesn’t require any
extra steps to share a file.

Once you select which folders you want to share with your groups,
those folders are instantly accessible to your friends. You can add
new files to those folders or change those files at any time. There’s
no need for any additional steps, no uploading, no size limitations,
and no security threat.