New ebook helps readers use their iPods for more than music.

Ithaca, NY USA (October 7, 2005) — iPod users who want to use their iPods
as more than just music players can now find the latest information in
“Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music.” In this 128-page electronic
book, PDA expert Steve Sande provides real-world advice about tasks like
using your iPod as a read-only PDA for calendar events and contacts,
off-loading photos to it from a digital camera, backing up a computer to an
iPod, setting an iPod to put you to sleep at night and wake you in the
morning, and even keeping it ready as an emergency boot drive. Leaving no
stone unturned, Steve also looks at other unusual iPod uses, such as giving
presentations from an iPod, reading or listening to text-based ebooks,
recording classes or meetings, and installing Linux on an iPod. As a bonus
for readers wanting to buy a new or used iPod, a detailed appendix helps
sort out the members of the current iPod family, and provides a complete
timeline of iPod releases.

Take Control publisher Adam Engst said, “Given Apple’s constant stream of
iPod and iTunes announcements, an electronic book is the ideal way for
readers to learn about the iPod in depth without worrying about information
obsolescence. Steve included details about the recently released iTunes 5
and iPod nano, and – as with all Take Control ebooks – we’re committed to
releasing free minor updates should Apple spring yet another iPod on us at
the October 12th special event.”

Review copies available upon request; just ask!

Book Details
“Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music” by Steve Sande
PDF format, 128 pages, free 31-page sample available
Platforms covered: Mac OS X, Windows
Publication date: October 6, 2005
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-01-7

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