Absoft Announces Pro Fortran Compiler Suite 9.0 for Mac OS X

The leading Fortran development tool kit for Mac OS X just got better

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Aug. 11, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) — Absoft Corporation has
announced immediate availability of its new high performance Pro Fortran
tool kit version 9.0 for Macintosh OS X. Absoft’s Pro Fortran Compiler
Suite is the most complete Macintosh Fortran tool kit available from any
vendor and includes: Fortran 95 and C/C++ compilers, a powerful Integrated
Development Environment, the market-leading Fx2(tm) Debugger, and free
graphics libraries. Pro Fortran is fully compatible with Panther, all Apple
tools and libraries and is specially optimized for the G5 processor.

The Absoft Pro Fortran Compiler Suite for Macintosh OS X is the world’s
most popular Fortran tool kit for OS X and is the only environment designed
specifically for creating and maintaining Fortran and C/C++ applications on
Macintosh systems. Absoft’s powerful and flexible Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) is included at no additional charge with all versions of
Pro Fortran for Macintosh (and Windows). The Absoft IDE is a stand-alone
tool suite that provides graphical interfaces for multiple compilers for OS
X (Pro Fortran, IBM XL Fortran, IBM XL C/C++, and gcc) and select third
party tools and libraries (VAST, IMSL, 2D/3D graphics, LAPACK90).

“Pro Fortran v9.0 for Macintosh OS X is Absoft’s best release ever,” said
Wood Lotz, President of Absoft. “This exciting new tool suite includes
across-the-board improvements for all components – the compiler includes
new Fortran 2003 features and generates up to 25% faster code, Fx2, the
leading Fortran debugger is now included and now supports the IBM XL
compilers. Further, this release includes an improved editor and the only
IDE available for Mac OS X which supports compilers from multiple vendors
(Absoft, IBM and gnu) and select third party tools.”

“Absoft leads the industry in price/performance solutions with fast,
reliable compilers, flexible licensing policies, powerful debugging and
development tools, and free technical support,” continued Lotz. “Absoft is
the only company offering source compatible Fortran compilers for all of
today’s leading computing platforms running Windows, OS X, and Linux. This
compatibility is important for users such as universities and labs who work
in multiple environments,” added Lotz. “Our powerful and unique combination
of superior performance, reliability, legacy code support, compatibility,
and technical support make Absoft products the most attractive solutions
for customers looking to migrate existing applications from scalar, single
processor platforms to high-performance computing solutions with multiple
processors such as small, medium, or large clusters.”

Absoft’s Pro Fortran Compiler Suite v9.0 for Macintosh OS X is now
available to commercial and government customers for $899. Academic
licenses start at $675. Special pricing is available for floating licenses,
upgrades, and volume purchases. Product and ordering information are at

About Absoft Corporation

Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Absoft Corporation is a world leader in
software development tools. Since 1980 Absoft has led the scientific and
engineering software community by introducing the first commercial 32-bit
Fortran compilers for Macintosh, Windows-NT, Linux and HPC environments.
Absoft business partners include: Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel,
Motorola, Cray Research, Sun and Silicon Graphics. Absoft is the sole
provider of source-compatible Fortran and debugging solutions for all of
today’s leading computing platforms. Major educational institutions,
research laboratories, and Fortune 2000 companies use Absoft tools

For more information about Absoft, visit http://www.absoft.com, e-mail
sales@absoft.com, or call 248-853-0050.