— FileMaker Developers Get An Exclusive Sneak Peak at Upcoming Hot, New
Products that Extend Patented SyncDeK Technology For Anytime, Any Where
Data in FileMaker Solutions —

ORLANDO, Fla., August 14, 2006 — FileMaker Developers Conference
2006 — WorldSync, Inc., leading provider of tools for
synchronization between FileMaker(R) Pro databases, today began
conducting hands-on demonstrations of three hot, new technologies
that make their SyncDeK(R) bi-directional asynchronous data
replication technology more powerful than ever.

The first technology being showcased is a new Universal version of
SyncDeK that runs natively on Intel-based Macintosh hardware using
the latest Universal version 8.5 of FileMaker Pro software, and
taking particular advantage of the latest Web Viewer feature. As a
background service that syncs and backs up data, SyncDeK is
essentially a web service, and now with FileMaker’s new Web Viewer
capability, we can deliver the developer and end-user interaction
with SyncDeK through the Web Viewer.

“SyncDeK provides FileMaker developers with robust anytime, any where
data,” explained Jason Erickson, founder and CEO of WorldSync, Inc.
“The latest FileMaker version 8.5, with its embedded Web Viewer
object has had a radical impact on our development of SyncDeK. I
think the Web Viewer is going to prove to be one of this FileMaker
version’s most important features.”

The second technology being showcased is an unreleased, beta version
of SyncDeK’s upcoming increased SQL support, providing SyncDeK with
the ability to replicate FileMaker data with any combination of
SQL-compliant data sources.

The third technology being showcased is the beta version of a brand
new plug-in, codenamed FMAuditTrail, which provides a powerful audit
trail and data recovery features with near plug and play
implementation. Inspired by the need to address conformity to
HIPPA-related issues, the FMAuditTrail plug-in is a standalone
solution with no requirement to run SyncDeK. However, FMAuditTrail
runs well alongside SyncDeK and benefits SyncDeK administrators since
it improves SyncDeK’s collection of deletions.

How SyncDeK Works

Within a sharing community, database record changes are synchronized
by storing change information in a synchronization object, which is
transmitted by a local-user computer at any time to a routing agent,
which in turn transmits the synchronization object at any time to a
remote-user computer within the sharing community, and the
synchronization object is then used by that remote-user computer to
update database records.

The latest SyncDeK 6 is streamlined for easier installation and
configuration, offering JDBC support, direct synchronization for
FileMaker Server Advanced, enhanced Version Update Manager (VUM)
supporting automatic version updates, and much more. SyncDeK 6
introduced an option for developers to provide centralized
synchronization in SyncDeK-enabled solutions using the new SyncDeK
Server. Additional information, including a fully functional
evaluation of SyncDeK 6, can be found at (http://www.worldsync.com/).

About WorldSync, Inc.

WorldSync, Inc. develops SyncDeK, the award-winning, patented tool
for distributing data among FileMaker Pro applications any time,
anywhere. SyncDeK offers data replication for the rest of us,
empowering today’s mobile workgroups and collaborative communities
with simple, powerful and trustworthy technology. WorldSync, Inc. is
a privately held company, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. Further
information about WorldSync, Inc. and SyncDeK can be found at