Heckler Design (http://www.hecklerdesign.com/) has released the
OneLessDesk in black and red versions, in addition to the current
white and silver variations. They’re made by hand in Phoenix,
Arizona, Only 45 spots remain in their 2008 holiday production run.

The OneLessDesk (US$649) ports two independent desks for flexibility.
You could put your notebook on the lower deck and connect it to a big
display on the upper deck. When the lower deck is pushed under the
upper deck, the OneLessDesk occupies about one foot of room space.

OneLessDesk’s out-of-sight, rear-facing shelf provides a home for
your wires, power strip, external hard drives, USB hub, and even
small speakers. The shelf comes complete with wire management
features built in.

OneLessDesk’s lower deck is a keyboard tray and more. Its 12-inch by
30-inch work surface provides space for a keyboard, mouse, pen tablet
or paperwork. And it’s designed to be ergonomically correct.