Red Giant Software ( — publisher of
the Magic Bullet, Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode products — has
introduced Red Giant Warp (US$199), which lets you generate shadows
and reflections and work with distorted video.

The three plug-ins in the Warp toolset give users control over
shadows, reflections and corner point warps. The Shadow tool renders
realistic shadows for text or subjects shot on greenscreen, while the
Reflection tool creates mirror-like reflections. The Corner Pin tool
includes features for working with warped images, importing tracking
data from Mocha for After Effects, and adding secondary transforms
and motion blur.

Warp includes features such as dual-warp corner pinning with full
motion blur support, 3D shadows with user-definable bending effects,
and reflection compositing. With these effects, users can generate
these realistic without complex compositing tricks, according to the
folks at Red Giant Software.

Warp supports After Effects CS3/CS4, Premiere Pro CS3/CS4, Final Cut
Pro, Motion, and Avid AVX 2 systems.