Nisus Software today announces the release of Nisus Writer Pro 1.2
( , the latest version of the word
processor. The upgrade adds a new file importer that improves file
translations, especially for the .doc format.

Additionally, export as Word file format (.doc) and the Open Document
(.odt) format has been added. The Table of Contents feature has a few
new options: tab/backtab can be used to promote or demote TOC levels,
and TOC entries can be rearranged by drag and drop within the
navigator pane.

Other new features include automatically updating time stamps, Flesch
and Kincaid reading ease scores, additional backup options, a
Macroize menu, and editable document properties (author, company,
copyright, etc.). There have also been additions to the Nisus Macro
Language, and bug fixes and other enhancements.

Nisus Writer Pro 1.2 is an Universal Binary app so runs natively on
both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Nisus Writer Pro 1.2 is available now at the Nisus web store for
US$79 — and $45 for the upgrade version. A three-license Family Pack
is also available for $99. Versions on CD are available for an
additional $10, plus shipping. A printed manual is also available for
$25, plus shipping. This release is a free update to current license
holders of Nisus Writer Pro.