65bit Software has released EasyCatalog for InDesign CS4
(http://www.65bit.com/products/easycatalog/overview/overview.shtm). A
15-day trial version is now available for download from the 65bit
Software web site.

With EasyCatalog data can be imported from a complex, relational
database, or a simple CSV or tab-delimited file exported from Excel.
By linking InDesign content directly to source data, EasyCatalog
improves accuracy and reduces page make-up time, according to Mark
Haden, director of 65bit Software.

All of the optional EasyCatalog modules — including the new
Relational module — are also now available. The Relational Module
allows users to work with data sources of almost unlimited complexity
within EasyCatalog and can be used to connect to relational databases
such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

EasyCatalog also offers semi-automatic and automatic creation (using
the optional Pagination Module) of structured documents. It’s
available for InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4. The CS2, CS3 and CS4
versions are localized in English, French and German. A range of
optional modules for EasyCatalog are also available.

A free upgrade to the CS4 version is available to existing customers
who purchased EasyCatalog after Sept. 1, 2008, and customers who
purchase EasyCatalog before the end of April 2009. For new users the
cost is US$1,299.