November 22, 2000

Sand Hill Engineering has released version 3.2.3 of “XTension” their
Mac-only home automation software.

For anyone who wants to combine the reliability and speed of ‘hardwired’
sensors and alarms, with the ease and economy of the X-10 system, XTension
now supports the LynX-Port.

The LynX-Port offers 8 opto-isolated voltage or contact inputs, 8 output
relays, and 4 analog inputs, along with standard X-10 control.

For the CM11, we’ve added more verbs for the X-10 Extended Code suite. This
makes it much easier for controlling the new ‘smart’ devices.

XTension is available in a free Lite version which incorporates all of the
features of the full version, with only a limitation on the number of
database units. (The Lite version works with the popular CM11/Activehome

Packages of the software and X-10 starter kits are available at different
web sales sites. ($99.95 list price)

Downloads and a rich website of home automation ideas can be found at

Michael Ferguson
Sand Hill Engineering