Isis Imaging Corp. ( has
released Isis Locus, the US$64.95 Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”)
compatible turnkey software for duotone creation. The software’s
controls provide an infinite range of image correction possibilities
for perfect duotone reproduction every time, says developer Stephen

Selection of the ink color is important, and with Isis Locus the user
may pick any color from any image and any match-color chart, he adds.
Custom palettes provide a way to collect colors.
Select the ink colors and adjust the image correction sliders for
optimum reproduction. From then on creating the images for duotone
involves the process of opening the source images and saving or
exporting the duotone images.

Duotone creation is just one of three Isis Locus functions. Creation
of a fifth image for five-color reproduction, and an overlay
color-correction method similar to a photo filter are included. The
creation of a fifth-color image is used on five-color offset presses
for adding match color inks, metallic inks and varnishes to the
four-color process image.

The overlay color correction control, similar to a photo correction
filter, changes the coloration of an image. Adjustments are made with
the same controls. The result is displayed in real-time.

Accurate views of the source image, two duotone color images and the
duotone mixture result are all provided. Unlike any other imaging
software, Isis Locus achieves a new level of soft proofing accuracy
with the ink opacity adjustment slider, Herron says. Since inks are
not entirely transparent, this control provides a more representative
proof of real-world inks.

Isis Locus exports duotone images individually for use on an offset
press or saves them in an RGB format for inkjet and laser
reproduction. The duotones images are for two-color offset presses
and highlight laser printers. Fifth color images are for reproduction
on five-color offset presses. Four-color offset, inkjet and laser
printers can print the RGB version available in many formats.