XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com) has announced three
new products for the prepress market and designers.

With the Permanent Press filter for Photoshop (approximately US$74),
users can create professional quality vintage offset printing and ink
effects with any design, photograph, type treatment or image. Users
have the ability to take any design, photograph, type treatment or
image and transport it to another time and aesthetic. Permanent Press
can purportedly make any photo look like an authentic CMYK reproduced
printed image or turn it into a stylized illustration.

XChange has also introduced MadeToPrint XT (approximately $350) and
BigPicture XT (approximately $370) for QuarkXPress 8. Both XTensions
are available for earlier versions of QuarkXPress, as well.
MadeToPrint is an output enhancer that adds a variety of features to
QuarkXPress. Processes like file exporting, printing and collecting
can be combined and even automated entirely using MadeToPrint. The
XTension offers features like multiple output devices and executing
different tasks simultaneously or token-based labeling and naming of
output. Other features include preflight on links and fonts, flexible
output of layers and layer combinations or placing configurable
infobars on printouts and PostScript-based export files.

BigPicture 4.0 for QuarkXPress 8 has been completely redesigned and
boasts new tools. The XTensions provides users with customization
controls, interactive task panels and a polished interface.
BigPicture gives users a solution for managing graphics and picture
links in QuarkXPress. It organizes all the tools in four task panels:
Open, Search, Link and Options.