iCloseBy.com (http://www.iCloseBy.com) has announced the release of
iBobble-3D, a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It lets you
create custom “bobblehead dolls” from photos of friends or political
figures, which can then be shaken and shoulder tapped into nodding,
spinning wobblers or bobbing “yes” heads. It costs US$0.99 and is
available at the Apple App Store.

iBobble-3D lets people choose the best body for each virtual doll,
from clowns to convicts. In addition, it lets people change the
background image and put their bobblehead in locations from the
frozen tundra to vacation wonderlands.

iBobble-3D uses the accelerometer built into the iPhone and iPod
touch to transfer finger taps, pinches and shakes to spin the virtual
bobblehead. The more someone shakes their iPhone or iPod touch, the
more iBobble-3D will nod and bobble.