Griffin Technolog has released the new iTrip Auto for iPhone, one of
only a handful of FM transmitters certified for use with Apple’s
iPhone and iPhone 3G.

The iTrip Auto plugs into the dock connector of the iPhone and offers
audio, intuitive controls and Griffin’s trademark station-scanning
feature, SmartScan. SmartScan makes setup and operation nearly
automatic byb seeking out the best FM frequencies available, then
selects the best of the best for use in transmitting the music to the
car’s FM stereo.

iTrip Auto automatically optimizes output volume, and the user can
select stereo or mono modes for best-quality audio. Listeners can
control speaker volume from the car stereo controls, eliminating the
need to look at the touchscreen to adjust volume level. It features a
large, backlit LCD screen for reference on the road.

Griffin’s iTrip Auto for iPhone, $69.99, is now available at major
retailers and on Griffin’s web site