Later today, CRYPTOCard will release a Universal version of CRYPTO-Server 6.4 for two-factor authentication solution. This provides seamless integration with Apple’s Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers and enables full optimization on both platforms. CRYPTO-Server 6.4 makes it simple to protect LAN, VPN, Web-based (Apache and II S), and desktop access for Mac OS X 10.4. New features in version 6.4 include: a new machine to machine architecture which provides a faster, smaller footprint solution that improves user and administrator experience; support for a new software token for BlackBerry handsets from Research In Motion (RIM), which will enable remote users logging into the corporate network from a desktop or laptop via a VPN to use their BlackBerry handset to generate the necessary credentials for two-factor authentication; client-based ‘Disconnected Authentication’ to ensure a mobile user’s laptop is protected even when connection to the CRYPTO-Server is not possible; and USB Dongle support for Intel-based Macs.