For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Prague, Czech Republic

Today, 24U s.r.o. is introducing a new upgrade of the popular scripting
addition 24U Appearance OSAX to a version 2.0 for Mac OS X! Still as easy
to use as “display dialog” but much more powerful!

Extend the abilities of your AppleScript by the functions you have missed
so far. Now also under the system Mac OS X!

24U Appearance OSAX 2.0 for Mac OS X adds the useful functions for the
communication with a user that you would expect as a matter of fact. It is
equally simple but much more efficient than “display dialog” supplied in a
standard mode. When writing your scripts, this extension will enable you to:

– display dialog boxes for user data input, including text fields, password
fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons
– create pop-up menus in your “better dialogs”
– generate modern Appearance savvy alerts with explanation text, help
button, non-blocking, movable, switchable to background
– create floating progress bars, Mac OS X Appearance savvy
– display text messages floating above all other screen objects
– display system notifications

OSAX will be utilized particularly by those users of the AppleScript in the
Mac OS X system who:
– have a high standard of communication with a user
– are able to utilize more features than a standard “display dialog” can offer
– prefer simple and easily understandable application
– expect of their computer to improve the quality of their work and at the
same time to save their valuable time

Detailed information about the product can be found at the pages:


For registered users, the upgrade to the version 2.0 attractively priced!
Favorable prices on bundle licenses!

If you are a newsletter editor and want to review this product, please
request a free NFR licence by e-mail at ( If you are a
user group member and want special advantages, do not hesitate to contact
us at ( If you are interested in re-selling this
product, please send e-mail to (

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